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Packages with RFCs deleted

Le Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 08:50:04PM -0500, Peter Samuelson a écrit :
> We're pretty much at an impasse, then, so I don't think I'll reply
> after this message.  I, and many Debian folks, don't quite understand
> the essential difference, between functional source code and
> non-functional documents[*], that make the DFSG freedoms only important
> for the one and not the other.  I mean, if I might want to freely make
> derivative works of software, well, maybe I want to freely make
> derivative works of spec documents too.  For many of the same reasons,
> in fact.

On the other hand, does the effort of removing these documents from the
upstream sources has any chance to make things change in the future, by
either having the IETF freeing the RFCs, or volunteers paraphrasing free
versions of them? I can understand how OpenOffice is more free than
Microsoft Office, but not how a source package with the RFCs deleted is
more free than the original one...

This said, it does not make a big difference, apart from the packager's
time... But would I be asked to expurge one of my package, I would
probably consider moving it in non-free instead.

Have a nice day,


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