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Re: Debian's Linux kernel continues to regress on freedom

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Oh well, the kernel team just lost its trust, which means new uploads of
> kernel-team packages dont get their old way of fasttracking in NEW, as I
> now need to check all of their uploads for such cases.
I'm not sure I find this helpful.

You're not checking for copyright violations or for non-free stuff in
all other packages.
I see no reason why you should check for Linux just because it passes
through NEW at each release for unrelated technical reasons.

The only reason that things like linux-2.6.XX pass through NEW is, from
my POV, because noone stepped up to fix it so that old source packages
don't have to pass through.

If you/we have an issue with the way things are being done by the kernel
team, it should be resolved with them and possibly with the help of
tech-ctte if an agreement can't be made.

IMHO, it's not the ftp-master's job to check with each upload if a
number of DDs follow the social contract as they should.

If there is indeed a problem, we should try to solve this once and
forever, shouldn't we?


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