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Re: Debian's Linux kernel continues to regress on freedom

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On 09/12/07 11:49, Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> * Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> [070912 15:04]:
>> These are "official" protocol specifications.  If you want to
>> summarize the RFC, do it in a separate document.
> Let's consider some use cases:
> * You want to use some protocol that is mostly the same as some RFC, but
>   with some things changed and some names exchanged to fit what you do.
>   Then you either have to
>   - refer to the RFC and give some complex list of subsitutions. That's
>   nice as additional point, but people wanting to read this would be
>   much more helped if there was an applied text.
>   - rewrite the whole text, hoping you never overlook something and miss
>   some detail of the original you would want to keep. (Well, you could
>   tell that the original with those substitutions has priority, but even
>   then everybody would just read the new text, implement some bugs, and
>   you have to tell people to remove those bugs they inserted because
>   your rewriting of the text had an oversight).
> * You are wanting to write the documentation for your (or somebody's else)
>   implementation of the RFC. If one is not that firm in english, it's
>   often easiest to just start with the standard description and modify
>   some words here, add some more descriptions there, omit some special
>   cases not applicable, rearrange the sentences a bit and have some nice
>   looking text using notations and phrases people not speaking your
>   language but the one you are writing in can understand. And one gets
>   using the proper standard terms for free. (And before you even start
>   with fair use and citing, please note that not everyone has that
>   privilege and citing often means verbatim in some jurisdictions).

If O'Reilly wants to write a book on implementing smtp or dns they
must get permission from the IETF?

> And just to put another reminder: noone is requeasting allowing
> modifications posing as unmodified official standards. It's about 

Did you forget a word?

> Hochachtungsvoll,
> 	Bernhard R. Link

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