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Agreement between parties achieved on IRC (Re: virtualbox-ose: package hijack?)

Just a quick note to say that after some discussion in #debian-devel
involving Daniel, Patrick, and Michael, and fostered by various DDs
(azeem, buxy, Ganneff, myself), a solution to resolve this situation was

In particular, development will return to the pkg-virtualbox Alioth
project (Patrick had been preparing his packages in an external
repository), Michael Meskes will be the new admin of this project
(instead of Daniel), the maintainer will be set to a mailing list
(instead of Patrick), and Daniel will return to the Uploaders field of
the package, with the promise that for any non-trivial commits he will
mail the mailing list first.

Hopefully that sums up what was agreed on on IRC, and everybody will
uphold their part of the deal.


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