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Re: Fwd: Re: Why no Opera?

>> So, the Debian community would have someone (and sadly only one) who can 
>> inspect your source and fix issues that arise. The benefit I see for Opera is 
>> a further decreased footprint.
> if opera would be come open-source, I'd be willing to co-maintain and
> check packages - it would be worth the work. But I'm not willing to
> spend my free time on closed source if there's no really good reason to
> do so.

I'm afraid this humble coder isn't about to sway that argument; for
the present, Opera remains closed, all I can do is make life easier
for users.  I entirely appreciate that I can't expect help improving
our closed packages, but any help that *is* volunteered would make one
more package be a bit closer to conforming to Debian's standards.
We've had some very welcome help from the Ubuntu folks, who are
largely responsible for the improvements between 9.23 and 9.50, and
I'll be reviewing the remaining issues (two of my nine outstanding
packaging bugs are Debian-specific) when I have time.

> For a closed source release it would be lovely if you had a Debian  
> developer amongst your Opera developers who can upload packages to  
> the distribution.

That's one of the (too many) things I've got on my todo list - get
myself trained as a proper Debian developer.  For the moment, I just
have some scripts (mostly inherited, I've only had time to clean them
up so far) that do the packaging mostly right; the scripts know more
about Debian packaging than I do, though.  Tollef Fog Heen directed me
to http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/ when he was my
Ubuntu contact, so I guess I should familiarize myself with that
before asking for a sponsor !


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