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Re: RFC: changes to default password strength checks in pam_unix

On Tue, Sep 04, 2007 at 08:26:41PM +0000, Oleg Verych: gmane reading wrote:

> I.e *i don't care* about entering passwords on middle ground, without
> knowing, WTF this installer may do with them, not having comfortable
> environment for that _important_ action.
> Thus i have silly, empty passwords after installation. Then, i get my
> imagination and compose really super-druper passwords for root and users
> (that i create myself by script with, IDs i want/have on filesystems, not
> by installation process).

Well, if you give public network access to any machine before the
initial configuration is complete, that's _your_ problem. The UNIX way
was always "if the admin wants to shot himself in the foot, let him".


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