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Re: virtualbox-ose: package hijack?

Michael Meskes wrote:
> I have no idea
> what Daniel really did on the package.

I did about 90% of the inital packaging.

Can be seen on http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-virtualbox/

> I cannot find him in the
> changelog file.

Patrick uploaded removed me from changelog in the two last uploads
(virtualbox 1.4.0svn4130-dfsg-1 and virtualbox-ose 1.4.0svn4130-dfsg-1
that is) without notifying me. In all previous uploads to NEW, I was in
the co-maintainer.

Can be seen on http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-virtualbox/

> Please note that the first release which according to the changelog
> contains work by Patrick and Philipp Hug was released on August 30th. I
> heard about some work being done during Debconf but have no idea if
> anything was done between January and June.

Phillipp asked me about virtualbox on Debconf, I welcomed him and
immediately added him to the alioth project and he uploaded a fixed
version to NEW at the same evening.

> To me this is clearly a hijack and I'd like to see a very valid
> reasoning for this behaviour.

I was removed unjustified from uploaders and just fixed that inital
error from Patrick.

> Uh, ouch, shouldn't be there, right? That's why I CC ftpmasters. Work is
> underway to create a valid 1.5.0 package, but there's a reason why we
> first fixed stuff in the 1.4.0 version. Since this may take another day
> or two, I wonder whether out admins would like to react and remover this
> version asap.

As both me and also Patrick are in contact with upstream, this is a
pending issue solved in hopefully short time.

Upstream is generally cooperative and understands the problems, hence I
see this a bit more relaxed (for the next few days only, until it's
sorted out). However, if ftp-master do disagree, I'll can re-upload
1.4.0, superseeding the 1.5.0 upload.


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