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Re: backports tool

Hi Luis,

On Mon, Sep 03, 2007 at 01:09:14PM +0100, Luis Matos wrote:
> how about the development of  tool on we could:
>  - add the sid repos to sources.list

This should be done manually, it only has to be done once anyway.

>  - with a simple command download every needed source package
> (dependencies)

You would have to do some kind of recursion here to build all required build
dependencies in the correct order. This might get pretty bloated, just think
of gimp which requires an up to date version of gtk which needs an up to date
version of glib...

> is this doable?

Sure, it is (basically anything that can be expressed by some kind of
algorithm is doable ;-). However, I think it makes much more sense to take the
time (once!) to build a clean backport of the package in testing which can be
uploaded to backports.org, so anybody can benefit from it.


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