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backports tool

Hello there ...

i had an idea that probably someone already had ...

i am using etch and i use anjuta for c/c++ development.

i would try anjuta 2.2 because it seems to be a huge improvement over
1.2.4. To do that i have to put the sid sources to sources.list,
re-compile some stuff and then install them.

the search for the dependencies and download one by one is a complicated
and time wasting task.

how about the development of  tool on we could:

 - add the sid repos to sources.list
 - with a simple command download every needed source package
 - build the packages
 - install all the packages.


  apt-backport install anjuta -t sid

   this would download all needed dependencies from sid, recompile the
needed and install all.

  apt-backport build anjuta -t sid

   builds the needed dependencies and anjuta

is this doable?

Luis Matos

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