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Re: deb-ice -- violating the GPL since 2007-08-14

Robert Edmonds wrote:
> "deb-ice" is a custom Debian distribution, described in [0] and available from
> [1].  It appears to be a preseeded Debian 4.0 i386 business card ISO built
> using a web-based tool called LinuxCOE[2], and the aggregator has attempted to
> place the entire work under a license[3] which appears to be the GPLv2 with the
> string "GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE" stripped out.

Ouch!  It appears to me that deb-ice is not a Debian project, though.
Therefore, it may be worth to take this to the deb-ice developer(s)
instead of the Debian project.  Otherwise debian-curiosa seems to be
a proper list for such comments.



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