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deb-ice -- violating the GPL since 2007-08-14

"deb-ice" is a custom Debian distribution, described in [0] and available from
[1].  It appears to be a preseeded Debian 4.0 i386 business card ISO built
using a web-based tool called LinuxCOE[2], and the aggregator has attempted to
place the entire work under a license[3] which appears to be the GPLv2 with the
string "GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE" stripped out.

This is troubling for several reasons:

0) Changing the GPL is not allowed.  

1) No source code is included.

2) The following files distributed in the ISO are certainly not licensed under
the (simultaneously claimed and violated!) GPL:


The aggregator needs to either immediately stop distributing this ISO or
provide source code for the components that require source code and
clarify that the entire work is not under a single GPL license.

[0] http://icelinux.net/
[1] http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=203391
[2] http://linuxcoe.sourceforge.net/
[3] http://downloads.sourceforge.net/deb-ice/DebIce_LICENSE.txt

Robert Edmonds

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