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Re: Thoughts about including scsiaddgui

Quoting Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>:

If you are going to be the Debian Maintainer for this package, you
should be able to at least understand error reports from the package
which is very difficult if you don't understand the interpreter output
in the case of python. If you are not going to be the maintainer, file
an RFP bug against the wnpp package and see if anybody is willing to
take on the packaging.
Insufficient - the maintainer should at least be able to understand the
bug reports and for Python, that means the error output and how python
is managed within Debian. You cannot expect to pester upstream for
every bug report, especially when some (many) will be Debian-specific.


Normally, this request would be best done via debian-mentors.

Somewhere in the vast tomes of the Debian documentation I read yesterday to discuss it on debian-devel and see if anyone had any objections before going to debian-mentors. Should I go to debian-mentors first?

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