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Re: Bug#438408: #438408,ITP: libdpkg-parse-perl

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
On Mon, 20 Aug 2007, Deepak Tripathi wrote:
* Package name         : libdpkg-parse-perl
Version                      : 0.01
Upstream Author      : Adam Jacob <|holoway@cpan.org>
|* URL : http://search.cpan.org/~holoway/DPKG-Parse-0.01/
* License                     : Perl License
Programming Lang   : Perl
Description : DPKG::Parse contains utilities to parse the various files created by dpkg and turn them into helpful Perl objects. Current files understood by various DPKG::Parse modules:
Can you briefly compare the functionality of DPKG::Parse and AptPkg?
it provides the approximately same functionality BUT it is in Object oriented way.

I fail to see the need to package a few dozen of lines of perl that simply
parse RFC2822-compatible headers when we have lots of well tested code to
handle those.

This module has seen a single release numbered 0.01, and it dates back to
2 years ago already.

Deepak, please don't package every useless bit of perl.
ok i will keep in mind.
Furthermore, your comparison doesn't seem correct. I don't see a direct
parser of Packages file in AptPkg. You have to go through all the Apt
setup. They don't have the same use case. However DPKG::Parse has IMO
no use case at all

it was not in package AptPkg it is in DPKG::Parse.
I have written (or seen) perl code to parse Packages file in numerous places
(debian-cd for example) and you really don't need a dedicated module for
that. And the available file used by this module is probably not
meaningful on most systems... it's mainly a dselect file which is nowadays
replaced by /var/lib/apt/lists/*.


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