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Call for volunteers for Bugzilla (was: Re: Status of Bugzilla v3.0 for Debian)

* Raphael Bossek (raphael.bossek@gmx.de) :
> what is your timeline for Bugzilla v3.0 ? I would very mutch appreciate 
> the new release in testing.


I've been maintaining Bugzilla since sarge is released. It's a lot of
work when you're alone on such a volatile piece of software, moreover
when upstream releases oftenly new major versions.

It used to work as I had enough freetime to deal with it, but I must
admit I can't keep bugzilla in a good shape by my own now. Mostly because
my "debian" time is used for other packages.

I was intending to orphan bugzilla but decided to open the
maintenance to others, if that's possible. If not, I guess I'll have to
orphan it for real.

Hence, I'm sending this call for volunteers. If you like to join me and
help me packaging bugzilla 3 for debian, you're welcome.

The IRC chan #debian-webapps is there for coordination, the list
debian-webapps@lists.debian.org can be used too.

Bugzilla sources are handeld in Alioth's svn repo:

The package is already officially maintained by the Debian Webapps Team
(I put myself as an uploader in my last upload).

I suppose one or two volunteers would be enough to deal correctly with
the package. 

So if you're interested feel free to join. Note that debian/bugzilla
users are also welcome to join the IRC chan, that can be helpful for
testing upcoming packages.


Alexis Sukrieh <sukria@sukria.net>
Debian                   http://www.debian.org
Backup Manager   http://www.backup-manager.org

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