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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

> The d-i team is constantly working on simplifying debian-installer. Just
> > compare a sarge install with an etch install..
> I guess I'll take a look at their mailing list - I had some simple ideas

You're more than welcome (actually you'll see by doing this that Joey
Hess saying "the D-I team" is equivalent to "we".....in short Joey is
part of the D-I team, and one of its most ancient members indeed).

Regular feedback about new D-I features as well as frequent testing of
D-I is something that would really help the D-I team.

It is often hard to draw a line between what belongs to D-I and what
belongs to other packages and general consistency of the distribution,
when users report installation experience but the past has provenn
that user's install report are often a good way to enhance the way
things work on newly installed systems.

> Anyway, I figure I'll get in touch with the respective teams and look into
> the source code of the relevant components somewhat.  Thanks for answering
> my questions - it's nice to see a distribution where development is open and
> users can actively communicate with developers.

Well, when you started this thread I was fearing a quite long flame
with everybody jumping at you with "if you don't like <foo> you're
free to some and help improving it"....which is definitely what
happens too frequently when some users report issues that can't often
be pointed to a given package.

Indeed, the thread is really interesting to follow and already shows
that big efforts are made to improve those parts who are still not as
polished as they could be (or "appear" polished....many things you
pointed to be user-friendly in Ubuntu could perfectly be very dirty

> P.S. I remeber seeing something about a "constantly usable testing".  What's
> the status of this?

Well, we should ask users of testing but my feeling is that this goal
is kinda well achieved.

Testing being aimed at being "the next release" should theoretically
be constantly usable. If it is not, this becomes an RC issue..:)


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