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Re: Debian Packaging Handbook project

On ke, 2007-08-08 at 14:12 +1000, Ben Finney wrote:
> Without that structure, and a strict policy of being *only* an index
> to existing documents, I don't see how this project would avoid
> creating yet-another-document to read, compounding the problem you
> initially described.

I think it makes sense to start with an annotated link list, since
that's a good way to make it quite useful very quickly, and then to
expand it over time with original content, with the intent of replacing
most other documents. As I see it, the wiki-based Handbook plus the
Policy Manual (including sub-policies) should be enough.

One step might be to convert the New Maintainer's Guide into the wiki
format, then importing any missing information from the Debian
Developers' Reference to it. Putting it all in the wiki is good, so that
it is more easily editable by everone, thereby hopefully keeping things
up to date at all times.

(I know it's possible to file bugs with patches against suitable
packages to get those two documents changed, but it's way more work than
just editing a wiki.)

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