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Re: Bug#435884: ITP: rsyslog -- enhanced multi-threaded syslogd

Hi All!

On Mon, 2007-08-06 at 00:19 +0200, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   please don't CC me, I read the list, and my M-F-T specifically ask you
> not to do so[0].


>   You didn't answered, why is there any kind of gain to use another CPU
> where 1/100 of one is enough ?

Maybe that is not enough. maybe you want to do something with the log
message, not jast forward it.

>   I code daemons using epoll and such techniques (without threads or
> even multiple processes of course) for a living.

I code daemons with epoll and code program with a lot of threading too.

>   That's very blunt assertions, backed up with nothing. The bottleneck
> in any application that has big flows of data to write somwhere, is the
> hard drive (or you're a very crappy programmer). So please explain to me
> how using more CPU will make you able to write faster to your hard
> drive. I'm sure that would be enlightening.

Maybe there is someone outside the word who want to transform log
messages not just put it into a file. Even maybe rewrite it with regular
expression matching. And somebody maybe want this feature from the log
daemon too.

No I'm not suggesting that that the syslog daemon is the only place to
do this and I'm not saying that everyone need this feature. But this
feature _may_ be handsome for someone.

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