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Re: Bug#435884: ITP: rsyslog -- enhanced multi-threaded syslogd

Hi All!

On Sun, 2007-08-05 at 23:07 +0200, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   Why ? Do you need 4 CPU to soak your hard drive ? There is usually one
> partition for every logs on the machine, so you don't get a lot writing
> many log files at a time. And if you're that concerned with performance,
> then it's not multi-foo that you need, but aio's, and a big nice epoll
> loop to dispatch /dev/log clients. And absolutely no multiple processes
> that you will else have to deal with locking, especially locking of
> output files, which would be a huge mistake.

You are wrong because (and this is what I have said) aio and epoll
couldn't gain anything from the second processor. You can prove this if
you try. (I have tried.)

>   The syslog daemon shall not eat anymore than 0.01% of your CPU. Why
> would you need to bloat it for god's sake ? It reminds me of so called
> network monitors that are so huge, that they mostly measure their own
> fat. A multi-foo syslog daemon is just plain silly.

Yes, you are right in a Desktop. You are right in a server too. But if
you want to collect log messages from some hundred machine is an other
question. And it's more easy to put another CPU into the machine than
double the clock rate.

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