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Re: Installation of Recommends by default on October 1st

On Thu, 02 Aug 2007, Julien BLACHE wrote:
> Sam Morris <sam@robots.org.uk> wrote:
> > The problem is that apt-get is *not* an advanced user tool. End users use 
> > it because they see it referenced in all our documentation, all the 
> > documentation they find elsewhere on the web and in our mailing list 
> > archives, all the conversations they have on IRC while trying to find 
> > help, etc...
> Most (if not all) of the recent docs I've come to read mentionned
> aptitude rather than apt-get.
> If documentation is the only problem, then there's no problem.

I'm sorry but that's hardly the case. Google finds about 2 or 3 times more
reference to "Debian apt-get" than to "Debian aptitude".

Furthermore, it has already been said in this thread that it's confusing
to have two tools advertised by the project as being good to use that do
not follow policy in the same manner.

I definitely want Recommends installed by default given how easy it is for
advanced users to identify recommends that they don't wish to have. And
cleaning up the recommends to match policy is also a good thing to do.

Raphaël Hertzog

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