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Re: release update: Release goals, testing transition, arch requalification

[Lionel Elie Mamane]
> > Ok, now to the approved release goals:
> > - full IPv6 support
> What does that mean precisely? Drop all packages that don't support
> IPv6? IPv6 shall be enabled if supported not too buggily? Something
> in between? (I'm quite certain you don't mean drop all packages that
> don't support IPv6.)

Geez, I thought woody was supposed to fully support IPv6, except for a
few rough edges.  And that was how many years ago?  I think it is high
time to start talking about patching or dropping network apps that work
with IPv4 but not IPv6.  Of course, there will be a few apps that by
their nature don't make sense in IPv6, such as anything related to NAT
or the MBone, or whose functionality is provided quite differently in
IPv6, such as dhcpd, or clients that require specific non-free IPv4
servers, such as libnet-amazon-perl.  I suppose those can stay.
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