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Re: Resolved bugs keeping packages out of testing?

* John Goerzen [Wed, 01 Aug 2007 10:56:08 -0500]:

> Hi,

> I have several "excuses" pages that resemble this one:

> http://qa.debian.org/excuses.php?package=darcs-buildpackage

> This says that darcs-buildpackage has new bugs, and references #410838.  But 
> #410838 is resolved in unstable and has been for ages -- since February.  
> Why is that still a reason to keep it out of testing?

Without being a bugscan/britney hacker, I think what's happening it's
that #410838 is being counted precisely because the fixed version is not
built on mips. Once it's built there, the package will no longer be
considered buggy.

> Also, what's up with mips and mipsel?  Many of my packages are kept out of 
> testing because they're out of date on those archs.

Many build failures due to uninstallable stuff has been queuing up
lately. I've gone over a lot of them in the past days, but darcs-buildpackage
did not show in my list of otherwise-ready packages, precisely because
it was not built on mipsel. Heh.

I'll ask for a retry.


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