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Re: Bug#433261: ITP: libpano13 -- panorama tools library


Le lundi 16 juillet 2007, Bernd Zeimetz a écrit :
> >  Panorama Tools was originally created by Professor Helmut Dersch of the
> >  University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen. Professor Dersch's site no
> >  longer has links to download the tools, which is why this panotools
> >  sourceforge project exists.
> I remember vaguely that there were some copyright/licenseing issues with
> at least parts of the software provided on the page of Prof. Dersch -
> but I'm not sure.

It was a patent problem. It was already discussed when I packaged the
previous version of libpano (libpano12). You can search for old discussions
on debian-legal archives, libpano12 ITP and archived bugs on libpano12.

> Also, do you intend to package clens, too? This would be very appreciated.

I currently don't use it myself, but I will have a look.


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