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Re: Bug#433119: nfs-common: NFS volume no longer mounted on boot

On Saturday 14 July 2007 22:57, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > <fjp> vorlon: Any opinion on #433119? As it is now, this would affect 
> > testing too as soon as nfs-utils is old enough.
> > <vorlon> fjp: get the release team to block the package until
> > sysvinit is fixed?
> Ahem, "RW".  If you must resort to invoking me in an appeal to
> authority, please use accurate citations. :)  (I.e., I neither added
> such a block, nor declared this to be an RC bug on nfs-utils; I have no
> more authority over lenny than you or any other developer.)

Sorry, I don't understand. AFAIK the quotation is 100% accurate, unless 
you were replying to a different comment from me.

The only thing that may be wrong is my interpretation of your comment. I 
took it to mean that you agreed the issue was serious enough to be 
considered RC and that the release team [1] would consider a request to 
block this new version of nfs-utils from migrating if it were made.
I don't think I ever implied that you actually set such a block.

[1] I do hope that the RW sill is a member of the release team and also
RM also stands for "Release Management" or "Release Managers", especially 
when used without article...

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