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Re: Improving the visibility of LowThresholdNMU

On 11/07/07 at 10:08 +0200, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> > (1) the list should move to a text file in a VCS. For example, we could
> > use a special directory in the collab-maint alioth project, or simply a
> > repository writable by all DDs on svn.d.o. This would improve the way
> > history is kept too.
> I feat that having 'simply a repository writable by all DDs' is not
> simple at all. What about non-DD maintainers?

they could be proxy-added by DDs. It already works like that for
planet.d.o, for example.

> > (3) make the state visible on the PTS (see #429883). For each package,
> > we could have an icon indicating if the package is NMU-friendly or not.
> > All packages would have an icon, so having the "NMU-hostile" icon by
> > default could help maintainers remember to add themselves to the list.
> That's a good idea, perhaps the PTS maintainers could comment what the
> best way of integrating the information there would be? Would inventing
> a header called 'XS-NMUs-Welcome: yes' in debian/control help here? Does
> it make sense otherwise to expose this information in Sources.gz?

Gustavo proposed to add a debian/nmupolicy file in his DPL platform. I'm
not really sure this is better than the current solution.
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