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Re: Targeting RPM and Debian from a Debian box?

On Fri, Jul 06, 2007 at 05:51:11PM +0100, Luis Matos wrote:
> Sex, 2007-07-06 ??s 18:47 +0200, Bernd Zeimetz escreveu:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > > My development workstation is running Debian, and I'd like to produce
> > > both .deb and .rpm releases of my software.
> you can easily use virtual machines like xen and qemu to build and test
> them.

You don't even have to go that far... I build rpm packages in a CentOS 5
chroot on a Debian Etch box. It makes it so much more fun :)

(Never did get mach or the other rpm tools to work though - so it's
sortof bolted together with a bunch of shell scripts and the chroot was
built using a bash script I knocked up a while back...)

Brett Parker

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