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Re: debootstrap+udev+sarge fails to remove mountig point

zferentz@gmail.com wrote:
> I have a live-CD that i'm building with debootstrap + udev .
> everything is fine with the live-CD , however when i try to remove the
> "working directory" - i can't remove it due to an existing mounting
> point caused by udev .

the etch udev package does detect that it is attempted to be started in
a chroot directory, and thus does not start.

in sarge, this check is not present.

unrelated to that, i strongly do not recommend to use sarge, because you
need a couple of backports to bring it alive, whereas etch does have
these packages already.

and, i also did already give you the answer how to deal with daemons here:

use policy-rc.d and be done with it.

> any ideas ? is it the standard behaviour or am i doing something
> wrong ?
> is it safe to move from sarge to sid ? do i need to take into account
> extra bugs or more QA ?

no, use etch.

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