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Re: Policy about debian/compat

Hi Bruno
* Bruno Costacurta <pubmb01@skynet.be> [2007-07-09 16:53]:
> what is the policy about file debian/compat ?

There is no policy for compat since compat specifies the 
compatibility level of the debhelper tools and you don't 
need to build your packages with debhelper.

> I was not able to find any policy about it in 'Debian Policy Manual' on 
> debian.org. It seems it should contain package version mentionned in 
> field 'Build-depends:' in debian/control for building from source package ?
> Ie. if my package is build with latest version of dpkg-buildpackage (from 
> package dpkg-dev) I should mention following:
> 'Build-depends: dpkg-dev' in debian/control
> ' 1.13.25' in debian/compat
> I'm correct ?

No dpkg-dev is part of the build-essential, see 4.2 in the 
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