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Re: Considerations for 'xmms' removal from Debian

Joseph Neal a écrit :
Well, my reasoning was, that we just try to wild guess about
user capabilities.  I have just learned that user behave very
unexpected and exactly these users happen to be quite vocal
how broken Debian is.  I just would like to give them lesser
chances to be correct when they claim this.
Anyone who claims Debian is broken for not shipping 6-year-old
abandonware in stable is an idiot who should be refuted, not pandered

Responding from the web because I'm lazy.

Xmms-shn was last updated March 28th 2007.  I personally have about 40
hours of zappa boots in shn format that would only be playable from
mplayer and perhaps vlc if xmms were removed. This is a common media

This has been proposed to Google SoC by Audacious.
xmms-shn can't be ported because their some licensing issues.

Moreover audacious provies a mplayer backend in audacious-plugins-ugly package.
Looking at Freshmeat, 16 plugins or otherwise xmms based projects have
been updated in the past year including two new ones that
were introduced. It may be dead, but development on top of it is
definitely ongoing.
Bmpx is not really a substitute for the simple fact that it's gstreamer
based. A substitute needs to be a simple library based player
that is scriptable and provides maximum exposure to the features of the
underlying libraries.  It needs to be suitable for use in car
computers, portable media devices, pro-audio applications, etc.

It's my impression that audicious is not scriptable so it can't be
as easily integrated into existing applications or controlled from emacs
or irssi.
man audtool
My money is on Xmms2, but it's got a ways to go before it's usable.

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