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Re: Considerations for 'xmms' removal from Debian

Kapil Hari Paranjape <kapil@imsc.res.in> writes:

>> The maintainers of the xmms package in Debian are proposing the removal
>>of the aforementioned package. Please read on.
> The rationale given does not seem to clarify why the proposal is
> for removal instead of the maintainers just orphaning the package?
> 	* There are a number of other GTK 1.2 packages.

GTK+ 1.2 (and GLib 1.2) were abandoned upstream over *six years* ago.
It's rather probable (nay, doubtless) that there are unidentified and
unfixed security problems with these libraries.

Given that upstreams have had over five years to port their code, it
is time to drop dead code that is not maintained, IMO.  It's not like
there isn't huge amounts of compatibility code in GTK, GDK and GLib to
ease such porting (I've used it myself).  A minimal port is often just
a bunch of regex search and replace operations, with some small amount
of rewriting.

Note that this is irrespective of how good XMMS is or is not.  The
libraries it depends on are dead, and they should have upgraded years


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