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Re: long arithmetics in dash, dash fix 4`The Shell: arithmetic comparison with void'

* me (Sun, 1 Jul 2007 20:22:21 +0200)
> Maybe somebody interested in making dash use "long int", thus enabling
> wider range on 64bit platforms, while still having same on 32bit ones?

#329025 has a link to the standard, that states:

   Precision and Operations , with the following exceptions:
        * Only signed long integer arithmetic is required.
> Patch for test built-in is ready, now i'm thinking about arithmetics.
> Long int is used internally, but then casted to int, that's why
> changes are very small indeed.

Is it going to be required really? I've contacted upstream with such
question among others (in the way maintainer of dash does) some days ago
but still have no answer.

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