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Re: Considerations for 'xmms' removal from Debian

Joseph Neal a écrit :
Most of this packages are xmms plugins. Maintainers will need to port
them to xmms2 or bmpx, or they should be removed.

Other packages just depend on xmms as a mere multimedia player, and
therefore we recommend the maintainers to adjust their dependencies to
bmpx, xmms2 or audacious.

2.2 Popcon

xmms is now 1069 in the overall popcon rank, with 11029 installations,
not counting the plugin users.

There are a number of plugins available from the rarewares repository[1] and perhaps other third party repositories which provide the only convient way I'm aware of to access a number of media formats (bonk, wavepack, lossless audio, shorten, various DVD audio formats). While I do not expect debian to support these packages, I do ask that the wider ecosystem be taken into consideration.


[1] http://www.rarewares.org/index.php


Could you get audacious + audacious-plugins-extra from unstable and tell us which formats are supported by xmms but not by audacious ?

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