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Re: Use of "Breaks" dependencies

Pierre THIERRY <nowhere.man@levallois.eu.org> writes:

> Scribit Ian Jackson dies 29/06/2007 hora 14:28:
>> I think it's a bug that we try to do upgrades from release A to B
>> using A's packaging tools.
> In most case, IME, it worked. In the cases where we know it won't,
> couldn't the packaging tools be notified of the issue (much like the
> "requires" file of Mercurial repositories), upgrade themselves and
> continue operations with the new version?
> Curiously,
> Pierre
> -- 
> nowhere.man@levallois.eu.org
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That would require some mechanism that etch doesn't have. So again,
first use of this would be lenny+1.


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