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Re: synchronizing README.Debian with wiki.debian.org


On Sun, Jun 10, 2007 at 08:40:21AM +0900, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> Hi,
> > > I had an idea and still pondering on it.  I wanted to do automatic
> > > two-way synchronization with README.Debian and wiki.debian.org
> > 
> > Excuse me - which existing wiki pages are synchronized with
> > README.Debian? 

I am interested.  I am thinking to use wiki as the source for updating
Debian Reference.

> I don't really know of any, so if anyone is actually doing it already,
> I'd like to know.
> I know of few existing cases that have similar effect:
> [package->web]
> 1. /usr/share/doc/XXX/*.html included in packages end up on web
>    servers (people can google around and arrive at them).
> [web->package]
> 2. upstream FAQ page is updated through 'wget' into the package source
>    from time-to-time.
> My personal impression is that although we have this system of
> maintaining 'README.Debian', it's often outdated on most packages.  It
> might help if users have direct (although maintainers should really
> check the contents) influence on its contents.

As I checked, if you install latest moinmoin, it can export XML source.

Any version of moinmoin can export version list by "info" and 
obtain the old version in 3 ways: raw, print, recall.

URL == http://wiki.debian.org/OsamuAoki
 -> Normal display

 -> XML output (on new server, not on http://wiki.debian.org/OsamuAoki)

 -> list of past versions

 -> recall 35th version

 -> raw input data of rev21
 -> print output of rev20

So these access method may be used to get old version data into
your git repository.

Maybe, using internal code, it may be trivial to convert raw text to make 
XML or HTML for wiki.debian.org data.

Updating web content utomatically may be possible by fiddling with


page.  Please note the text data in edit are escaped as you know.

If you are successful, let me know.



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