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synchronizing README.Debian with wiki.debian.org


I had an idea and still pondering on it.  I wanted to do automatic
two-way synchronization with README.Debian and wiki.debian.org Reading
up the docs, it was really simple to do a one-way sync from
wiki.debian.org and I'd like to share the result.

I'm using the attached python script which takes the wikiname on the
1st argument, and dumps the result via XML-RPC.
wiki.debian.org(MoinMoin) supports XML-RPC, and it looks like it's
trivial to handle that.

Anyone already tried this?

The pain is that MoinMoin isn't a real VCS and I can't really do
git-pull etc., with it.

The other direction and handling of conflicts is another matter which
I am not quite sure on how to handle.

dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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