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Re: FTBFS if built twice in a row


> I've been looking for FTBFS bugs in the BTS and I've noticed that
> there are lots of FTBFS if built twice.
> My understanding of debian is far from being complete, but in order to
> be built for a second time a clean is performed before (at least,
> using debuild). So directory should look like a fresh $ apt-get source
> packagename. And the contents of the files should also be the same.
> Checking that would be easier than running 2 times the compilation
> process and maybe it could be implemented as a checking tool that
> debuild could run before finishing the package, like it does with
> lintian.
> Or maybe I'm missing something, and performing a clean doesn't mean
> having a fresh source.
> I just wanted to know your thoughts about it, or if I'm completely crazy.

It's entirely possible that the result of 'debian/rules clean', and
the output of extracting a Debian source package may differ.

Off the top of my head the following can be 

1. files which are specified through '-i' or '-I' when dpkg-buildpackage is invoked
2. timestamp skews
3. file permissions (of files which are in .diff.gz)

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