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Re: [Help] Autoconf problems when trying to build WordNet 3.0 package

On 6/27/07, Ben Pfaff <blp@cs.stanford.edu> wrote:
The puzzling thing to me about this situation is what is expected
to set TK_PREFIX.  "grep TK_PREFIX" in the wordnet directory
shows TK_PREFIX being used, but never defined anywhere.  "grep
TK_PREFIX" in /usr/share/aclocal shows no hits at all.


What do you expect to set TK_PREFIX and TCL_INCLUDE_SPEC?

If you look at line 20547 (and below) of configure script you'll see
that both tclConfig.sh and tkConfig.sh are sourced, but only few
variables defined in them are actually used. I think there's something
wrong with wordnet autoconf stuff.

Sergei Golovan

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