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Re: Archive rebuild with improved dpkg-shlibdeps

[Raphael Hertzog]
> If you encounter any strangeness, please report it so that we can
> check.  Those warnings could be the base of some mass-bug filings
> althought we might want to start with the second one (those are real
> bugs, while the other are not creating any technical problem (except
> useless dependencies)).

Please do not file bugs for unnecessary linking _except_ where this
actually changes the Depends line.  In many cases upstream might link
several binaries against a fixed list of libraries, where not every
binary needs every library.  This is generally quite annoying to "fix",
and is not worth the trouble, since it doesn't affect package
relationships or install/remove/upgrade scenarios.

Also, please omit @Base from the log messages, it adds visual clutter
without adding information.
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