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RE: Using standardized SI prefixes

Dear Friends and colleagues,

I am a newbie on this list and Linux but an oldie when it comes to IT

Can i highlight that the main attraction of ubuntu amongst all other Linux
derivates is its accessibility to end users. For this feature to continue to
flourish it is best if everything from the bottom up is standardise towards
the final goal of presenting it to the ordinary end user.

In today's world unfortunately presentation does matter a great deal more
than its worth, but that is the reality.

Kind Regards


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On Wed, 20 Jun 2007 20:11:23 -0400, Ivan Jager wrote:

> How many packages can you name that measure bytes in powers of 10? Are
> there any?

debian-installer does so (unless you are creating LVM Logical Volumes, in 
which case the units that you specify volume sizes in are base-2, but the 
units that volume sizes are displayed in remain baase-10)... :)

Sam Morris

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