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Re: Using standardized SI prefixes

On Wednesday 20 June 2007 08:28:33 Michelle Konzack wrote:
> I am sitting on my line but does this mean we sould use
>    <n>  2B
>    <n> k2B   => kilo Byte with power of 2
>    <n> M2B   => Mega Byte with power of 2
>    <n> G2B   => Giga Byte with power of 2
>    <n> T2B   => Tera Byte with power of 2

No, we should use kB = 1000 B and KiB = 1024 B, since that is what is 
actually standardized. k2B and friends were an example of how some people 
avoided misusing standard prefixes (i.e. not using kB for 1024), by making 
up non-standard ones that did made some sense. There have been lots of 
schemes like that over the years.

If it were k2B that were standardized instead of KiB, I'd be pushing to use 
that instead, but that's not the case. =)

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