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Bug#429873: RFH: kradio -- Comfortable Radio Application for KDE

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the kradio package.
Right now I do not have a working card anymore, which makes it hard to
test it properly. I would act as the maintainer or the co-maintainer.
I am also happy to completely give up maintainership, if that is
required. I can also sponsor uploads if needed.

The package description is:
 KRadio is a comfortable radio application for KDE 3.x with support for
 V4L and V4L2 radio cards drivers.
 KRadio currently provides
   * V4L/V4L2 radio support
   * Remote control support (LIRC)
   * Alarms, sleep Countdown
   * Several GUI Controls (Docking Menu, Station Quickbar, Radio Display)
   * Recording capabilities, including MP3 and Ogg/Vorbis encoding
   * Timeshifter functionality
   * Extendable plugin architecture
 This package also includes a growing collection of station preset
 files for many cities around the world contributed by KRadio users.
 As KRadio is based on an extendable plugin architecture, contributions
 of new plugins (e.g. Internet Radio Streams, new cool GUIs) are welcome.
 Homepage: http://kradio.sourceforge.net/


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