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Re: One vs. many -src packages for my project?

On 6/18/07, Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org> wrote:
On Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 04:28:09PM -0400, Christian Convey wrote:
> I could create Yet Another Source Package, "myproject-common-src.deb",
> that contains *only* those files that are in common.  I.e., it would
> only contain "make-functions{1,2}.mk" and perhaps the top-level
> Makefile.  Then package like "libraryA-src.deb" could have a package
> dependency on myproject-common-src.deb.

You could also just copy the file to the different source packages
when releasing the source, no? Or are they so big and are there so
many packages that will use them?

I'm not dealing with very big sets of files at all.  But they're
broken out into 21 libraries and 18 application programs.  So if I
package them separately it's a whole lot of writing of control files,
changelogs, etc.

Are you suggesting that each subproject (libraryA, libraryB, etc.)
has, in its own source directory, a clone of the file
"make-functions{1,2}.mk" ?

I guess that would be somewhat OK, but it makes me a little
uncomfortable to clone files like that.  I wouldn't want to do that in
my own svn repository, because I don't want to maintain multiple
copies of what should be an identical file.

I guess I could keep just one copy in svn, and have my debian
packaging scripts copy it out to each subdirectory just prior to
packaging.  But then I'd also have to, at packaging time, modify each
sub-project's Makefile so that it looked for make-functions1.mk in the
current directory rather than the parent directory.  So now I'm
starting to look at a build process for my packaged source code that's
a little different than the process for building the code when I get
it right out of svn.  And that seems kind of like a bad idea.

> Is this just too goofy of an approach?  Should I bit the bullet and
> make the whole entire project contains just three packages?
> (myproject.deb, myproject-dev.deb, and myproject-src.deb) ?

The biggest problem of this approach (IMHO) is that you only can
update them all at once. You need to increase the version number of
every binary package built from the source even though only one of
them might really have been changed. So it is generally a good idea
to modularize ones source packages (see e.g. X.org)

My thinking was, "If there's not much overhead associated with having
a bunch of little packages, then do it, because it offers independent
versioning.  Otherwise just lump them all together in a big package."

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