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Re: APT 0.7 for sid

Michael Vogt wrote:
> This is currently turned off because of the concerns raised. its a
> matter of changing the default of "APT::Install-Recommends" to true. 
> I want to turn it on by default in the near future, but with a
> reasonable warning time for the transition.

Here are the places we'll need to change d-i:

* pkgsel
  - apt-get install popularity-contest
  - aptitude install pkgsel/include
* tasksel
  - various aptitude invocations
* debian-installer-utils
  - apt-install
* user-setup
  - user-setup-apply could possibly run apt-get install sudo if
    apt-install sudo failed. Though sudo currently has no recommends.
* debian-installer/build
  - get-packages uses apt-get to include udeb depends, and will need to
    be changed to not include udeb recommendations. Although there's
    actually only one udeb using Recommends, and nothing additonal would
    currently be pulled in.

I think that's all! I don't have the new apt yet to play with passing
APT::Install-Recommends=false to aptitude etc, but it should be an easy
change to make to these 3-4 packages.

debian-cd may also need to be changed, BTW. Depends on whether keeping
the recommends on the CDs is something we want, or not.

see shy jo

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