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Bug#428168: RFA: flite -- A small run-time speech synthesis engine

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

flite is basically a C version of festival, compiling all
the necessary data for speech synthesis down to a library which
gets linked into programs that do want to do text-to-speech.

There is #350484 which needs to be dealt with.  When flite 1.2
was released, I worked directly with upstream to integrate a patch
which allowed to build the library also as shared object
files, not just statically.  This is obviously important
for a distro since the flite library is pretty huge (8MB or so) and
to link it into every package that uses it is extreme archive bloat.
Unfortunately, the 1.3 release seems to have dropped
this feature, and my initial attempt at looking on how
to refix .so support failed.  I've since then heard Fedora
carries a patch to do this.  So maybe it isn't that hard
to get 1.3 into Debian after all.

However, these days, I find espeak much more promising for
the future (especially since it does provide multilanguage support),
and my free time does not permit me to maintain several speech engines
anymore (at least, I am not motivated enough to do a good job, obviously).

I'd like to find a good home for flite.  It does have three other
packages depend on it that I know of, speech-dispatcher, eflite
and brltty.

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