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Re: Reasonable maximum package size ?

On Tue, 5 Jun 2007, Marco d'Itri wrote:

Also, you should think about this issue not just in the context of the
single package you are interested in but as a general policy.

I think because Michael actually is thinking about a general
policy he just asked this question here.  He was asking for
a reasonable measure what is regarded as "to big".
The parameters are

   1. Size of package
   2. Estimated number of users

So I agree that a download package seems to be reasonable in the
situation Michael has described, but what is the general answer
to his question.

We also have some funny 3D games with huge data packages.  So
were is the borderline for this.  Does it make sense to install
a data repository that is not mirrored?  (Uhm, I think this is a
FAQ on debian-devel - at least I think I remember to have read about
this idea back in 2000 ...)

Kind regards



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