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Promethee a Virtual Learning Environement (VLE)

>Is this software only in French or also in English ?
The entire project will be internationalyzed in five languages at the end of the month ;-)

>Does this software need php4 or does the software also work with php5 ?
>php4 is going away, stating that your package works with it seems kind of useless.
This software works efficiently on a K8_2800+ x86_64 GNU/Linux unstable (apache 2.2.3-4 ; libapache2-mod-php5.2.2-2 ; mysql-server-5.0.41-2 phpmyadmin 4:2.10.1-3)

>There's no need to mention that a program in Debian is free software and built only with 
>free software that's the only kind of program we accept anyway.
Why do my /etc/apt/sources.list mention a non-free depository ? additionally http://www.debian.org/vote/2006/vote_007 specify that Etch has been released with kernel firmware issues (point 4)

>>   Description     : A productive numeric working space
We prefer `Virtual Learning Environement (VLE)` as it will be mentioned in the coming soon english version of promethee 5.7


sébastien Brice

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