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libpkg / libupt / libept gets popcon support


the name of the new library is still in flux, and maybe it'll end up
with the name 'libept' and replacing the libept we have now.

But in the meantime, name or no name, I implemented access to popcon
information (!)

It works like this:

 1. Download http://popcon.debian.org/all-popcon-results.txt.gz and put
    it either in ~/.popcon/ or in /var/lib/popcon/
 2. When instantiating the Popcon data provider, if it sees that
    all-popcon-results.txt.gz is new, it reads it, recomputes the scores
    and rebuilds the index.

The index works like the debtags index: it's built in /var/lib/popcon if
it's writable, or in ~/.popcon/ otherwise.

Ideally there should be a 'popcon' commandline tool that does the
download and reindexing, like we now have "debtags update".

The Popcon data provider is now very basic: given a package name, it
gives a float value computed as an aggregated score of the various
popcon values.  The higher the value, the higher is the popularity.

In the next days I intend to implement reading
/var/log/popularity-contest and computing something more interesting,
like TFIDF scores of installed packages.

The aggregated score is computed with this (rather arbitrary) weighted

  score = vote + recent * 0.5 + old * 0.3 + nofiles * 0.1



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