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Re: Filing FTBFS bugs and packages in NEW

On 01/06/07 at 12:59 +0300, Kari Pahula wrote:
> I'd like to file a wishlist bug on people who file FTBFS bugs.
> It would be nice if you checked first whether there's a package
> pending in NEW or incoming and see if that might resolve the issue
> already.
> I'm looking at you, #426867.

Even if I agree that this would be nice, that's unlikely to happen. When
filing FTBFS bugs, one has to check several things:
(A) Is the bug already reported ?
(B) Has the package changed since the rebuild happened ?
(C) Has the package's dependancies changed since the rebuild happened ?
(D) Recursively, has the package's dependancies' dependancies changed ?

The problem is that it already takes time to file those bugs, and that
there are a lots of bugs to file. For example, on May 22nd, 515 packages
failed to build, and 240 failures have not been analyzed yet, so that's
240 potential RC bugs (of course, some of them might have been reported
already by people not using collab-qa for coordination).

What would be better ? File less higher quality bugs ? I think that the
average level of quality for FTBFS bugs is currently quite good...

In your case, the best solution could have been to document the issue by
filing a bug yourself on your package, so everyone can easily learn
about the problem. It would also have saved the bug reporter some time
as well ;)
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