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Re: python, then C++, or C++ from the start?

>> But I am asking you still: can you think of anything to say against
>> such an approach? Please don't flame languages or anything of that
>> sort. The question is just: is it viable for a C++ coder with
>> a Python proficiency to mockup a new application in Python first?
> Planning to write the application twice seems to me to presume more
> time and continued enthusiasm than is perhaps realistic, especially
> since your plans seem fairly ambitious---having to slog through the
> last 10% of the application not once but twice seems masochistic.

Configuration of interfaces (hardware or software) is part of OS setup
and proper operation. And this task must be solved on the principle
basis, rather than jet-another-lang-flame. Once you have all
kernel/network-interfaces (ioctl, sysctl, dhcp clients, etc.)
realizations, why not just to start glue them? It's C/shell (or even
C/SLang) ifs-glue thing, as you've wrote in the wiki page and not C++/python.
IMHO it's far too away from ordinary application programming.

> For that matter, figure out what other perl dependencies there are in
> base, rewrite them all in python so that perl could be dropped from
> base (as a way to bolster your argument) and you'll still probably be
> done before you would writing the app twice.

Somebody suggests to get rid of the bloated mammoth, debian so depends
on, interesting. I want to rewrite some base, that is really needed on
shell :)

> Mike.

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