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Re: python, then C++, or C++ from the start?

also sprach Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@tendentious.org> [2007.05.30.1816 +0200]:
> Planning to write the application twice seems to me to presume
> more time and continued enthusiasm than is perhaps realistic,
> especially since your plans seem fairly ambitious---having to slog
> through the last 10% of the application not once but twice seems
> masochistic.

It does. I was hoping someone else would do the porting. :)

> Also, for the transition from the python to C/C++ versions to be smooth
> enough to not penalize early adopters, it seems to me that they would
> both have to have comprehensive test suites, otherwise you risk having
> small incompatibilities.  Again, everyone's least favorite bits, done
> twice.

Well, comprehensive test suites they should have anyway. It's
absolutely not my least favourite bit after having read Kent Beck.


> It seems to me like your chances of real success would be greater
> if you wrote it once in Python---which will be much more
> productive than any C/C++---and then spent the time you would have
> spent rewriting it in C/C++ lobbying to get python in base, which
> would probably make a lot of other people very happy.

Well, depending on what Python I need, this may or may not be
possible. Then again, I should really aim for python-minimal, just
to make sure it *could* be ported to C++.

> For that matter, figure out what other perl dependencies there are
> in base, rewrite them all in python so that perl could be dropped
> from base (as a way to bolster your argument) and you'll still
> probably be done before you would writing the app twice.

debconf? adduser? No thanks. :)

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