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Re: checklib

Hi Manoj,

On Wed, 30 May 2007, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         When checklibs was run, it would report  
>  libbar-dev, libbaz-dev, unneeded; looking at foo
>  libfoo-dev,  libbaz-dev, unneeded; looking at bar
>  libfoo-dev, libbar-dev, unneeded; looking at  baz
>         End result: Uneedded: libfoo-dev, libbar-dev, and libbaz-dev
>         Since that is patently wrong, the version of checklibs I looked
>  at produced meaningless output -- for any package that had shared
>  objects whose compile flags were not identical.

What Guillem said is that checklib also indicated binaries which are
linked against a library without using any of its symbols. Thus the binary
shouldn't have been linked against it in the first place. That link has a
cost in "load time" that can be avoided.

checklib is still useful for this.

>         The original site where I got the old implementation
>  (http://greek0.net/div/checklib.tar.gz) from is 404's now; the alioth
>  checklib project has published nothing.  First rule of free software:
>  publish early, publish often.

Aurélien Gérôme published a copy of the tarball he had:

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